People who choose to be in the military are often a special breed. They are tough and heroic and often willing face hardships that many of us would run from. I occasionally get the pleasure of seeing the softer side of those folks.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Rob, who’s great physical shape and army green attire gave away his military background. He came in for some cat food and general examinations for his one cat and two cocker spaniels. It was striking to see someone who looked like they were ready for the front lines cuddling and kissing his beloved pets in such a fatherly way. Thankfully, all three were wonderfully healthy. His softness for his pets makes me smile in contrast to his rough and tough profile. I thanked him for his service and away he went, happy to get some rest after being gone too long from home.
I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing Brittany, a female military member. Brittany’s love for her dogs and horses is unlike any I have ever met. They are her children, and I’d bet she misses them more than anything when she is called to duty. I know she has the tough spirit and physical stamina to do all that our country requires of her. She is remarkable, and whatever she does I’m sure she does it well. I contrast all the rough physical nature of military training to pictures of her hugging her horses and dog’s who wear coats when it snows.
People like these give up all the comforts of home to go and deal with issues most of us are oblivious to. They leave their families and go to foreign countries without a second thought to the sacrifices they make so we, the general public, can continue to enjoy the things we take for granted.

Rob, Brittany, and so many others that wear the uniform thank you. Thank you so much. If there is anything I can do to help your furry family stay happy and healthy than I will do it. The small service I can provide is nothing compared to the work you do. Thank you to all of our military members, past and present.