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Testimonial - Jennifer Myers Baker Brennan

It was 5:20 pm on a Wednesday night, I had an emergency my dog is in pain and I’m frantic! My Neighbor calls my former vet (prairie animal)and they say we close at 6 so go to emergency vet in post falls. Driving towards Post Falls my husband says there are cars in the parking lot of that new vet clinic . Pulls in and they have us bring our fur baby Rudy in. We received the best possible care! Staff was caring and wonderful! High-end Digital imaging and then there is Doc Holly who gave our boy awesome care! I just found a new care provider for my fur babies!

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Testimonial - Kayla Mae Wittmier

Dr. Holly Brophy is amazing. Saw her for the first time with my doberman Lady who was recently in a dogfight from a dog sitter. She was amazing to go above and beyond just a normal checkup. She gave great training tips and complimented my dog more than words could say. Really showed me that my dog had amazing potential and had nothing to worry about. She even had her assistant dress up to test my dogs protective skills and taught me how i could control it. Best veterinary experience i have ever had. This will be the only place i ever take my dog or any other fur babies to. Strongly recommend her and her wonderful team!

Shared by: Kayla Mae Wittmier. Testimonial Source

Testimonial - Paige Kinzer

What a fantastic Doctor and staff!!! If I could give 6 stars I would! My 4 month old puppy gave me a scare this morning when I found blood in her urine, so I made an appointment. Remmi and I were immediately taken into a nice room and taken care of and only had to wait about 5 minutes to see the doctor. Holly was extremely professional but yet still fun and greeted my puppy with open arms and love. She diagnosed a UTI pretty much right away and gave me antibiotics as well as a free bag of food! the new patient exam was free and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! Thank you so much Holly, we will be back!

Shared by: Paige Kinzer. Testimonial Source

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