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Doc Holly

Dr. Holly Brophy grew up on the east coast and attended veterinary school at St. George’s University SVM in Grenada. She completed her clinical year at Kansas State in 2006.  She worked and lived in Illinois for several years.  In 2014 shortly after the birth of her son, Dr. Holly and her husband Shaun took a vacation to the Couer d’ Alene area and fell in love with it.  In spring of 2015, they were pleased to make the move to the area. Currently, their family includes one dog named Haus but they have shared their lives with several dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, rabbits, and much more. Doctor Holly enjoys the outdoors and frequently rides her ATV and practices traditional and non-traditional archery. The fishing, camping and vivid outdoor life style of north Idaho is something she adores.   

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